Government Websites

Links to local, state and federal government websites
US Government Website
Main website for all government agency links
State of Iowa website
Find jobs, voter information, state services for seniors and others
Calhoun County Website
County Department Services contacts and election information
City of Lake City
IRS website
File taxes, print tax forms, tax information
Medicare Website
All information, contacts and forms for medicare health and prescription
Social Security
Iowa Public Employees Retirement System
Voting Information
League of Women's Voters
Iowa Department of Aging (Elder Affairs)
Services for Iowans over 60
Nutrition Assistance Program
Food assistance
Federal Grants, Benefits, Financial Aid
Links for government loans, tax credits and other financial assistance
Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans health care, loans, pharmacy and other benefits
Iowa Department of Revenue
Iowa tax information for individuals, businesses, local government, and tax professionals, including: online services, tax forms, and publications.
U.S. Department of Education
Compiles a variety of information relating to government initiatives and educational programs at all levels, education-related grants (look under OERI) and statistics (NCES), and departmental publications. News bulletins about department activities are added frequently. Statistics retrieval is unreliable, but otherwise the information provided seems current. It also provides access to individual state education departments. Searchable index and searchable department phone directory available.
The U.S. Government’s official Web portal providing links to government information at all levels of government by topic and by organization.
Iowa General Assembly
Iowa law, legislators, lobbyists, legislative bills, agencies, and activities, and useful publications.
Iowa State Boards and Commissions
Searchable list of commissions by interest, board name, department, and state code.
State and Local Government on the Net
Frequently updated directory of official state, county, and city government Web sites. Also provides links to national organizations, multi-state sites, etc.
National Agricultural Statistics Service Iowa Office
Source for up-to-date statistics on Iowa farm production and prices.