Give Money to the Library

Your gift of money is always welcome at the Library. We have various programs to suit your giving needs. A gift to the library is a nice way to commemorate a person, a birthday or other special event.


Donor Recognition Levels

Literary Society up to 499.99
Friends 500.00 to 2,499.99
Donor 2,500.00 to 4,999.99
Foundation 5,000.00 to 14,999.99
Lifetime 15,000.00 to 24,999.99
Patron 25,000.00 to 99,999.99
Legacy 100,000.00 to 299,999.99

All level of recognition will be permanently recorded. The Friends level and above will be displayed on the donor wall. All donations are tax deductible.


Contributions may take the form of:

  • Gifts of cash
  • Gifts of property
  • Gifts of stocks or securities
  • Gifts through corporations or businesses
  • Bequests through wills or life insurance

You are cordially invited to discuss a gift that will help ensure a vibrant future for the library.

To print out a Contribution Form, click here


Please make all checks payable to:

Lake City Library Foundation

You can mail your check and donation form to:
Lake City Public Library
110 E. Washington
Lake City, IA 51449


Questions and Answers

Are gifts exempt from federal and state taxation?

A. Yes. However, in case of a gift involving a large sum of money or an estate, we recommend consulting an attorney or financial advisor.

Who determines how the monies will be spent?

A. The Board of Directors of the Lake City Library Foundation.

Do funds provided by donors replace tax dollars normally provided for the operation of the library?

A. No. Funds are to provide for things outside the daily operation of the library. For example: improving technology, special equipment, and special programming needs.

Whom should I contact about making a donation?

A. The Library Director or any member of the Library Foundation.

What role does the City of Lake City have in funding the library?

A. The City of Lake City funds staff salaries and the library operating budget.