Read for Ready Cash

Earn "cash" during the summer by keeping a reading log, then spend your "cash" to bid on prizes during the auction at the end of the summer.

Teens Read for "Ready" Cash

Read for "Ready" Cash!

For students entering grades 7 - 12.

  • Sign up and record all your reading on your "ready" cash log.
  • At the end of the summer, the number of pages you've read will be the balance in your ready cash account.
  • On Wednesday, August 26 at 6:30PM. we will hold an auction. You can use your ready cash to bid on fabulous prizes! The more you read, the more you'll have to spend.
  • Free Pizza and Pop during the auction.

Read whatever you like - fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, histories - any book at or above your own reading level can be recorded.

Sign-up at the library, now!
Reading logs will be available June 1.