Links to websites about eBooks and eReaders. What eReaders are available. Which one is right for me. Where to find free eBooks.
What is an e-book
An e-book guide for beginners
Reading books on iPad
Discusses e-reading apps for the iPad
What eBook reader should I buy?
List of considerations when purchasing an eReader
eBook Device and Format Comparison Chart
Side-by-side comparison of the popular eReaders
Top Ten Reviews
Product comparison and reviews of the top ten eReaders
eReader reviews
Review of Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader and iPad
Independent Reviews
Reviews of eReaders
eBook Readers Bookmarks
Links to other websites and articles about eReaders.
The Carbon Footprint of Digital Print
Can reading an e-book help save the planet?
Environmental impact of eReaders
Results of Swedish research compares the environmental impact of reading a printed newspaper, reading online, and e-paper
Free classic e-Books
Project Guttenberg is a collection of free e-books with expired copyright. All the classics are here.
The Open Library
Free eBooks to read online or download. Many different formats are available - including Kindle
Big Library Read
May 15 - June 1