Level 0

Lake City Public Library Library Service Levels
Public Service Level Safety procedures
Level 0: Entry to the library is closed to the public.
Only staff are allowed in the library. If a staff member becomes sick they must stay home, and if exposed to anyone positive for Covid-19, they will self-isolate for 14 days/take test if deemed necessary.
Minimum staff are working shifts in the building during regular hours Monday-Friday to answer the phone. Staff are not available on Saturdays. Staff keep to their work areas and disinfect their areas daily.
Staff fax, print, copy for patrons by appointment.  The staff wear masks and gloves when handling material for patrons.
No materials are distributed to the public.  
Public may return materials to an outside bin All returned materials are quarantined for 14 days before placed back on the shelves.
WIFI is available for outside use.  
Conference and meeting rooms are not available to the public Board meetings are conducted through Zoom
Website and social media are updated with library status   
Online services promoted through the website and Facebook.  
Children's story time is held online.