Learn about Art and its History

Sites you can explore to learn more about art.

Explore and Learn at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - A lot of what is available is made of interactive Flash presentation of particular artists, themes, cultures, and even artists and includes materials especially for kids. It has an ever changing and large source of materials so visit often.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - Also at the Metropolitan Museum of Art website, it features a world map which allows you to search by areas, specific categories divided by time periods, as well as a search engine for artist, work title, materials and techniques among others.

Art History on the Web - mostly a collection of links to various art topics, listing everything from pre-historic art, traveling through the whole world and into modern times.

MoMA Exhibition Sites - Learn about the art style of current and past exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art. Videos and Interviews with the artists.

Destination Modern Art - An interactive game for kids to learn more about modern art from the MoMA.

Teacher's Resources for Modern Art - Downloads and lesson plans from the Museum of Modern Art.

Red Studio - An interactive website for teens from the Museum of Modern Art - interviews, activities, contests.

Art Safari - An interactive game for parents and kids from the Museum of Modern Art.