Meeting Room Applications

Please read the policy for public use of the meeting room before submitting any applications.

Please select the the appropriate application:

Private Party Application - for personal use of the meeting room, i.e. showers, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Charge is $20.00 along with a refundable $25.00 deposit.

Non-Profit Application - for use by Non-Profit organizations. There is no charge for non-profits, but a refundable $25.00 deposit is required. Monetary donations for the use of the meeting room would be greatly appreciated.

Business Application - for use by businesses for employee training events, parties, informational presentations, etc. The meeting room is not available to sell merchandise or services, solicit for later sales or placement of orders. Local businesses may display merchandise but there shall be no sales on the library premises. Charge is $50.00 per meeting plus a refundable $25.00 deposit.