Internet Use Policy

Guidelines for using the Internet at Lake City Public Library

Lake City Public Library endeavors to develop collections, resources and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational and educational needs of the community.  The library offers access to the Internet as a means of expanding the breadth of our collection.  All users are expected to use this resource in a responsible manner, consistent with the purposes for which it is provided.

Guidelines for using the Internet at Lake City Public Library

  1. Youth under 18 years of age are required to have parent or guardian come to the library to sign for permission to access the Internet.  Our public computers do use filtering software to block access to some objectionable content, but parents are encouraged to work closely with their children in selecting material that is appropriate.  Parents, not the library or its employees, are responsible for the content that their children access while on the Internet.  The library has guidelines for safe use available.
  2. Computer use is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Library staff may limit youth computer use to two sessions per day, each session being no longer than one hour.
  3. Users must sign in at the beginning of their computer session.
  4. Only one person may use a computer at one time.
  5. If all computers are in use, those who have been on the longest will be asked to make way, provided they have had at least one hour of use.
  6. The Internet computers will be located where they can be monitored by staff for assistance and security.
  7. Patrons must have their own email account in order to use email.  
  8. Patrons may not download files of any kind onto the library’s computers.  Patrons may save files to a floppy disk at their own risk.  (Warning:  Although the library computers have virus protection software installed, this does not completely eliminate the risk of getting a virus.  Any files downloaded from the Internet may contain malicious code, and patrons are advised to use virus protection on their own computers if they will be installing downloaded files.)
  9. Printing is available for $.15 per page.  Students through 12th grade who are printing for school assignments may print free of charge.
  10. The library strives to maintain an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe for all patrons.  Public computer screens may not be used to display information or graphics that others may find offensive, including but not limited to violent and/or sexual images.
  11. The following are expressly prohibited on library computers:
  • Any activity or business undertaken for personal profit
  • Spamming or cracking
  • Making unauthorized copies of copyrighted software or data (including mp3 files)
  • Engaging in any illegal activities, including the purveying of pornography to minors.
  • Misrepresenting yourself in any way intended to deceive others.  This includes children lying about their age in order to establish email accounts or join age-restricted sites.

12.    Misuse or abuse of library computers or Internet access will result in suspension of Internet privileges.

        Adopted 5/7/97
        Revised:  12/4/02, 5/11/05, 1/9/08, 3/11/09