Kids Links

Fun and Informative links for Kids
Slime Kids
A great book website for kids. Book trailers, Book reviews and Games to play
Sea World
Planning a trip? Travel to Sea World without leaving your chair!
Arthur Site
Fans of Marc Brown's favorite aardvark will enjoy this site!
If you're a Nick watcher, checkout this site for some of your favorites!
Children's Music Web
If you can't remember the words to a favorite song or want to learn a new one, be sure to check this one out.
Ed Emberly
Books, Drawing and Activities for Kids
Kids' Online Safety
Kids' Rules for Online Safety
eBooks for kids. Story books, educational books, audio books, puzzles and games.
Harry Potter's Website
Visit Madam Pince's Hogwarts Library
Jackson Pollack
Paint like Pollack. Lots of fun! Just move your mouse to paint and click to change colors.
Inkless Tales
Stories, Poems, Games and Crafts for kids
Read, Kiddo, Read
A new website by author James Patterson for kids