Faxing Service, Scanning, Printing


Fax Service

·         Faxes can be both sent and received.

·         The library's fax number is 712-464-3226

·         The library staff will send a fax for you.

·         Faxing service is available during normal library hours.

·         There is no cost to send a fax.

·         The cost to receive a fax is $0.20 per page.


Scanning Documents

·         Documents can be scanned and emailed to a specified address.

·         Documents can also be scanned and saved to a flash drive.

·         There is no cost to scan. If you need a flash drive, drives are available for $5 each


Copy or Print

·         The first 10 black & white pages copied or printed are free.

·         Any black & white pages over 10 are $0.20 per page.

·         All color pages are $0.50 per page.



·         Laminate up to 8.5 x 14 inch sheet.

·         Under 5 inch is $0.50.

·         Over 5 inch is $1.00.